Email Campaign Support

Your business needs loads of tasks to be performed simultaneously. We are here to take over some of them.

Email Campaign Support package includes monthly work at boosting up efficiency of your emails. We used to call this service Turnkey Email Marketing.

This means that Emailmatrix will be in charge of all processes related to email development and sending. First, we will work out initial strategy for email communication with subscribers. It will consist of a few parts. The major parts are automation, content strategy, email frequency and schedule planning.

We will work according to this plan in close cooperation with your team. Our initiative will be a key to putting fresh solutions into life, adjusting to the world trends and keeping abreast of the attitudes of the audience.

Dozens of e-commerce and B2B companies, services and even B&M companies are happy with this model of cooperation.

Check out feedback from people who have made their choice and never regretted it. (ссылка на экран “Отзывы” (Opinions) на главной)

Size matters! We will really expand your subscriber list.

You are welcome to leave your application here:

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